Thoughts on Pages

You know how sometimes, when you want to write, you have no idea what you want to say? That’s how I’m feeling right now. There are words in my head that I can’t quite get out onto the screen in front of me. But I’m going to write and see where this takes me.

I’m a little scared. I’m a little scared about putting my thoughts into words and putting those words out there for you to see. I generally keep my thoughts to myself, my opinions are a different story, but my thoughts are my own. And as I’m writing this, I’m scared to put my personal thoughts out there. Do you guys ever feel scared to tell people what you’re thinking? Not those thoughts about a certain subject, but those little thoughts you have about yourself and life around you? If you do, start a journal or a blog or a YouTube channel; do something to get your thoughts outside of your head. That’s the point of this blog. I want to get out of my own head.

As I’m reading this, I sound morbid. But I’m not, I promise. I’m finally doing something that’s not on that set path of my life and something that I don’t think people expect me to do… and it’s exciting!


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