Senior Year Update: Week 1-4

Before we get into the post, some information on posts. I’ll post Senior Year Updates every two weeks or so on Saturday and have a regular post (bookish or otherwise) on Monday.


It’s been officially four weeks into senior year and I’m having mixed feelings about it. It seems like everyone has said that senior year will be the best year of my high school career. And I’m not sure I agree with them. It’s not like senior year is terrible; I’m not stressed out with APUSH notes (aka Hersch notes, courtesy of the truthfully fantastic teacher Mr. Hersch) or passing AP Chem or even being completely bored out of my mind by AP Calc AB. But I feel like senior year isn’t this great thing everyone makes it out to be.

Senior year definitely has some of the best classes (and teachers) of all four years. AP Macro and AP Micro economics with Dr. Funk is incredibly fun and shockingly easy. We’re working on Supply and Demand Curves and all the things that results in movements along the curve and complete shifts of the curves. Hopefully, it’ll get harder but for the moment it’s easy. Mr. Johnson’s AP Lit class is incredible! He’s hilarious, knows what he’s talking about, and we’re going to be reading some fantastic books (many of which I promise to review). The current book for this unit is The Plague by Albert Camus which I think I’ll have a review on at the end of the unit.

AP Spanish, with Sra. Robbins, is killing me a little but I’m in love with the language and I want to learn so much more about the culture. In a couple weeks, I think I’ll be back in the swing of thinking in Spanish and it’ll get easier. In Literary Magazine, which is a class that is inherently amazing, I’m editor-in-chief and we had our first fundraiser on Friday. We showed the movie Big Hero 6- you should watch it if you haven’t- and we raised a ton of money which will go into producing this years edition of Infinitas. Calcus II is boring, which is making me ridiculously sad, and I’m not really a fan of the teacher. So far it’s been a lot of review and we had our first test on Friday (limits, derivatives, and integration), which I think I did well on but grades will be in soon and we’ll see just how well I did. Genetics with the ultra-extraordinary Dr. Kramer more than makes up for the lack of fun in Calc II. We finished our first unit on how mitosis and meiosis actually work about a week ago and we started Mendelian genetics, how genes are passed and probabilities of passing on certain traits, this week.

However, it’s not enough. I feel like I’ve completely missed the bar for the greatness of the final year of high school. The standard was set so high and I haven’t even come close to meeting it. There’s so much time spent waiting- waiting for internship placement for my SCE, waiting for college application deadlines, waiting for scholarship deadlines, waiting for something interesting to happen. It’s annoying. I want something to happen, I want school to be fun again….Add that to the list of things I’m waiting for.


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