Senior Year Update: Weeks 5-7

So it’s officially past week 6 of senior year and finally things are beginning to pick up.

Week 5 (9/6 – 9/12) was a pretty boring week. Even though I had a three day weekend, I waited until the last minute to do some of my homework. I know, shame on me. I really should have done it earlier *hangs head in shame*. And the rest of that week I was calling what felt like a million different companies in what seemed a futile attempt to get an internship. That was pretty exhausting. I learned something though. It makes sense why after a certain point people just stop looking for jobs. There’s this sense of hopelessness when you call twenty different people and they say they’re not hiring or they say that they’ll get back to you and never do. It’s extremely discouraging. I also found it somewhat rude, if someone sends in their resume it only makes sense that you’d try your level best to get back with them in less than a week. But no, so many companies you have to follow up with and continuously pester before they’ll even give your paperwork to the right person. It’s ridiculous and irritating.

Anyway, I didn’t get an internship. And, on top of that, I had a Spanish quiz that I was freaking out about. Fortunately Sra. Robbins is a fantastic teacher and she had really prepared us; she walked us through the test, gave us study tips, and gave extremely thorough information about the test. By the time test day rolled around, I was still nervous but I felt like I was extremely prepared and I walked out of class thinking I had passed. Still not sure though, grades are coming in soon… I hope.

Week 6 (9/13 – 9/19) was significantly better. It started off a little rough, there was an Econ test on Monday and Tuesday. Tests on Monday should never be allowed. But the concepts (Supply and Demand and Changes in both, Equilibrium, Elasticity, and Price Floors and Ceilings) were easy and I did a very good job on the two parts. I also had a math quiz on Monday, which I really didn’t feel like taking. And that night, I finally got an internship! It’s not what I had planned on doing but it’s still something that I’m okay with and I have an amazing mentor so it’s all good. The only downside was having to write a proposal on my internship about my deliverable which forced me to stay up until midnight. But I have an internship now so everything is all good.

We started working on our Senior Thesis in Lit on Wednesday. And on Thursday and Friday, there was The Plague (go check out my review) test which I did not do so well on. I was actually really disappointed with my grade even though Mr. Johnson said it was a perfectly normal, expected grade. Still not happy with it and I know I’ve have quite a bit of improving to do in the literary writing department. But overall it felt like a productive week in Lit. Math on the other hand is still so incredibly boring. Still a lot of review going on and I am so looking forward to moving into new mathematical territory. When will that be? Who knows.

I had my second soccer game of the season this weekend and we tied. The refs weren’t great but my team played hard and did a really good job. After missing some time, I was proud of my ability to keep up but I know I’ve lost some skills from taking time off.

This past week, Week 7 (9/20-9/26), has been fairly uninteresting. I got to spend two days at home but nothing exceptionally exciting happened. Oh wait! One of my friends turned 18 on Saturday and I completely forgot it was their birthday. But in my defense, I can barely remember my family members’ birthdays. I did end up saying Happy Birthday though.
All in all, it’s been a pretty great few weeks. Life seems to be looking up and I’m excited.


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