Senior Year Update: Weeks 8-11

I’ve been a little lazy about writing these and that’s a little disappointing. I’m going to try to fix it but I’m not quite sure how to. Maybe I’ll have an answer by the end of the week. Anyhow, here’s the past four weeks which I can say have been pretty fantastic.

I don’t know why, but there’s one thing about Week 8 (9/27-10/3) that I remember really well. That is: learning about sex determination in Drosophila in Genetics. We also had a quiz in Genetics but seriously, out of the entire week sex determination in Drosophila has stuck with me. …I have issues. In Econ, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) was all I thought about. I didn’t mind because it’s pretty easy and it’s somewhat interesting, so nothing to complain about. In Spanish we had to create a fake company and present them to the class like we were on the show Shark Tank (which you should watch if you haven’t) and there were some pretty good ones. One of my favorites was having prefabricated homes being built for those who are in areas where natural disasters have occurred. The idea was brilliant because if they’re prefabricated, production costs go down and that means more money to go to other houses. So cool! And math has once again turned into a disappointment. We were reviewing stuff that we should have watched the week before and it was obvious that so many people hadn’t done their work. It was so frustrating.

Week 9 (10/4-10/10) was Midterm week. Monday was Lit and it was just analyzing this story we had read; I left the class feeling like I had done a good job. Also on Monday, my teacher gave a test in Calc which pissed me off because it’s midterm week why not just have your test as part of the freaking midterm?!?!? Moreover, it wasn’t like a normal test, it was a two day long thing and I was so done with the whole bloody thing. It wasn’t like it was a hard assessment or anything, there were different ways of going about it and I felt she chose poorly. But that’s here nor there.

Tuesday was Spanish and it was easy, low stress listening activity. Wednesday I was supposed to have a Genetics test but our teacher decided to push it until the week after. Calc midterm was on Thursday and I thought it was alright, I knew I hadn’t failed but I also new there was not a good chance of me having gotten anything above an 85% (I was right by the way). And last but not least was Econ on Friday. I felt like I had done well on it.

Week 10 (10/11-10/17) was a really odd week for seniors and, for me, it didn’t really feel like a cohesive week. On Monday we were out of school and I procrastinated on all of my work and scrambled to finish Monday night. But the weekend had been pretty relaxed so I didn’t mind the frenzy to the finish. Tuesday was the Genetics midterm which, I felt, was easier than it should have been. Then we had senior breakfast on Wednesday because all the underclassman were taking the PSAT; all the food was really good and it was fun just to talk with friends that I hadn’t talked to in a while. And we got to go home at noon which was awesome because I got to catch up on the show Quantico which is pure brilliance. I love it so much, the lies, the secrets, the drama, and all of the mystery brings me great joy.

Thursday and Friday were these weird lull days; nothing really happened in any of my classes. The most interesting part of these two days was starting a new Econ topic (Aggregate Supply and Demand) and prepping for a debate about social media in Spanish.

This past week, Week 11 (10/18-10/24), has been pretty eventful. Over the weekend I had an insane amount of homework to get done and the days were not even close to being long enough. I had Genetics notes to catch up on and a summary- reflection essay on the article The Portrait of a Fly which is about Drosophila and their influence in Genetics. It’s actually really interesting and the information was presented nicely.

I also had to finish my research for my Senior Thesis which I didn’t get to complete because I was busy writing about an essay about Prospero from The Tempest and how he’s a round character. I don’t know why, but it was a difficult essay to start and even after doing a couple of edits, I still didn’t like what I had. But it just felt like a really busy weekend.

Aside from that, the rest of the week was pretty calm. Classes themselves have been boring excluding Calc. She taught! She stood up in front of class and taught us some stuff and I felt like she did a fantastic job. Unfortunately, the people in my class don’t seem to understand the concept of stop speaking so that the teacher can actually teach. Jerks. Oh and Spanish! The debate was super awesome and really funny. I love my class, they’re hilarious. It went well, and my team-Social media is bad- lost, which I was okay with. Overall, a pretty decent week.


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