The Rain

I love thunderstorms.
The feeling of water snaking down your arm, making rivulets that curve and bend.
The patter against the rooftop in the middle of the night.
The delicate scent of the drenched grass.
The dark clouds looming overhead.
The strange warmth in the air, warm yet able to make you shiver.
The gravely sound of thunder as it runs across the ground.
The scream of the lightening beating the earth, shaking the electrons.
The grating squeak of sneakers against the linoleum floor.
The quieter breaths everyone seems to take.

It rained today and everything was so peaceful. I walked outside with a friend to get something from their car and get completely drenched on the way their. And I never completely dried off but it was such a nice feeling. Today was really calming. I read more of The Book Thief and I finally reached halfway. Hopefully a review will pop up by next week. It’s not raining right now and I have homework to do, así adios.

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