Disney Series: Princess Ranking

So recently my friend has been asking all of these Disney related questions and she suggested that I make a Disney related series on my blog. So here it is: Part 1- a ranking all of the official Disney Princesses (plus 2 princesses in waiting).

13- Snow White

She walked into a random person’s house. And just decided to crash there. It’s not like the house was abandoned or anything, it was very much lived in and yet she chose to just enter. On top of all of that, she ate an apple from some RANDOM old lady she didn’t know! Didn’t anyone ever tell you don’t take food from strangers? Erg!

12- Ariel

She thought she needed to change herself to be with a man that she saw once in her life. And on top of that, she was stupid enough to believe that Ursula would play fairly.

11- Elsa

She froze her kingdom. And proceeded to run away. You may ask: why didn’t she try to hone her powers early? Answer: she was busy feeling sorry for herself and avoiding her sibling even the lovely rock people never told her to hide away from everyone. She still froze her kingdom though.

10- Cinderella

Far too weak. What was she so afraid of? What would her stepmother have done. She wouldn’t have too much claim to the house, if that’s the issue. I think I would have liked her more if she had made an attempt to get out of the situation that she was in.

9- Aurora

People seem to conveniently forget she falls in love with a guy that she’s met in her dreams. Anyone else thinking hallucinations? Hmmmm? However, she wasn’t a terrible princess. Not that she did very much anyway.

8- Rapunzel

How come she was to stupid to figure out how to get out of the tower on her own? How come she didn’t realize that her hair was long enough for that? She was just stupid and I didn’t like her.

7- Anna

She was too childish. And far too naive to be likable. I don’t have any actual reason for disliking her but her character was irksome.

6- Belle

Not going to lie, the fact that she really loved reading brings me great joy and saved her from being further down the list. However, Stockholm Syndrome is a serious issue with this girl. Just sayin’. On the same token, Stockholm Syndrome isn’t necessarily her fault, she saved her father’s life in exchange for living her days with one person. So I guess she can’t really be faulted too much.

5- Merida

First truthfully strong princess to appear on the list (which isn’t at all relevant to this). She was so ready to do whatever it took to not get married, practically unheard of during that time. But she’s not higher on the list because she decided to turn her mother into a bear… Yeah, questionable actions.

4- Tiana

She really showed what it takes to change your situation. And she was going to do it without the prince. However, in what world would you actually kiss a frog? They’re unhygienic and gross feeling and there is no way that she would have kissed a frog in real life. But she does win some points back because she was so sassy and assertive. I loved her!

3- Jasmine

She was friends with a tiger. I think that says it all. But if it’s not enough to convince you, she was also extremely determined to choose her own husband and she fought admirably for her beliefs. Some might argue that she fell in love with a criminal but he was practically starving. And he was pretty clever.

2- Pocahontas

She did what she wanted. She went against all rules of the tribe and she even made an active attempt at getting to know white man’s culture. Plus, she had the voice of an angel! ‘Colors of the Wind’ is definitely one of the best Disney songs ever (so much better than ‘Let it Go’).

1- Mulan

She fought for her country, not once but twice. She’s considered a Disney princess not for marrying into royalty or for being royalty, but because she saved her kingdom. Her main priority wasn’t falling in love or changing herself for a man. She saved her kingdom and did so even when Shang was being all pride hurt. Win for women kind all around the world. And all respect has to go to her for being so independent.

What do you guys think? How would you order the princesses and why? Any of mine that you think should have a different rank?


3 thoughts on “Disney Series: Princess Ranking

  1. The fact that you mentioned she was living in fear is the reason she's in 11. The rock trolls told her to harness her powers and that “fear [would] be [her] worst enemy”. She knew that fear would harm her and yet she didn't even make an attempt to save herself and, by extension, her sister and kingdom.


  2. This is awesome! Completely agree on Mulan. She is the best and always will be. Also agree on Jasmine and Pocahontas. I wish Ariel was last instead of second to last, that girl is just and idiot. And in Elsa's defense, she was living in fear of hurting someone (Anna especially); she didn't try to hone her powers in case Anna got hurt again. She didn't mean to freeze her kingdom… it just happened.


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