California Shooting- The World is a Mess

So I just heard about the mass shooting that occurred in San Bernardino, California. I’m not sure what the specifics are but, according to CNN, 14 were killed and 17 were injured. My heart goes out to all of these people and I send my condolences.

On CNN, after discussing the shooting, they talked about the best way to protect yourself in case there is a mass shooting. And it hit me, this is something that we actually need to have safety precautions for. Mass shooting has its own set of safety precautions. You know how we have safety drills for fires and tornadoes? Safety drills for mass shootings may need to be added to the list. I know we have lock down drills but that’s generally for threats outside of the school. This is for imminent shootings. That’s terrifying.

We live in a world where mass shootings have gotten so common that we need to show safety precautions for them on national television.

I’m not entirely sure why this bothers me so much but it does. I guess the only thing that can be said right now is “be safe to the best of your ability”.


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