The New Year

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I love new years. I always get really hyped up about them and I make a big deal of saying “Happy New Year” to the people I’m with and then I send texts to all the people I’m not around. I love it. I love the excitement. It’s one of my favorite days of the year.

But with a new year comes new resolutions. So here are some of mine:
  1. Read 50 Books
  2. Push myself to read outside the usual genres.
    • Specifically: graphic novels, non-fiction, classics, and science-fiction
  3. Write more fiction- hopefully I’ll have a story that just needs to be edited (cross your fingers)
  4. Write every week- even if it’s only 100 words.
  5. Take more pictures with my friends
  6. Workout every day (I’ve done really well so far and there’s none of the pressure to lose weight)
  7. Be less judgmental- this is the hardest one on here I’m sure.

I think these are all pretty good goals. And I have every intention of keeping up with them. I’ll probably do an update in June. But what about you guys? What resolutions, if any, do you have?


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