Senior Year Update: Weeks 17-22

Week 17 (11/29-12/5) was quite honestly the week of tests.  I took 8 tests plus all of the other bits of homework. It was exhausting and I didn’t even really study much. All in all, a pretty meh week.

Week 18 (12/6-12/12) was the week of Econ because of the lovely End-of-Course test for Econ. It was on Friday and it was such a joke. I have so many problem with these standardized tests, they’re so stupid and simple. And, quite frankly, not a good test of knowledge at all. But my friends and I did spend a lot of mornings sitting and talking which is always fun. I think this is when we had the conversation about sentient toasters…

The week of finals (12/13-12/19). More testing. But at the end of it all, my friends and I got together for an awesome party! And one of our friends that I hadn’t seen in a couple years came and we had fun so much fun! There was a lot of conversation, both silly and deeply intellectual.

Week 20 (12/20-12/26) was first day official week of winter break. Meaning I sat around and didn’t do much of anything. I watched a lot of “House” thanks to the beautiful Netflix. It was nice to just lie around and sleep whenever I wanted. I think I literally spent Monday in bed, just lying in bed. Awesomesauce! Christmas was a ton of fun, I got awesome presents. My favorite is probably this really awesome watch that shows the time for four different time zones. I had way too much fun figuring out the watch. And then I hung out with my cousins and it was blissfully awesome.

Week 21 (12/27-1/2) meant that the end of winter break was near- qué triste. But I was determined to enjoy every little bit I possibly could. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy again, thanks to my cousin, and my heart was shredded to bits at all the deaths. So many dead people. So many…
New Year’s was awesome!!! I love New Year’s (as this post will tell you) and was really happy to bring in lovely 2016. And I slept some more. So much sleeping. It’s so awesome.

Week 22 (1/3-1/9) was pretty relaxed. Only 3 days of school which was nice. But somehow by Friday it felt like we had been in school for a week and three days. The teachers just threw homework at us. But it was really fun seeing my friends. And Saturday was one of my closest friends birthday (you know who you are). It was a great week, I was beyond happy to be back in school. So fun!

Pretty awesome so far. And by the way, 302 days until election day. I hope those of you who can vote are planning to get out there and vote. You should.


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