Senior Year Update: Weeks 23-25

Week 23 (1/10-1/16) was a busy, busy week. But! I spent Friday with my friends and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I love these guys a ton. We talked and played Headbandz- the adult version- and talked for hours. Hanging out and chilling together was the perfect end to a meh week.

Week 24 (1/17-1/23) was a four day school week. I love 4 day weeks, there’s just so much more time to relax. And it was such a chill week overall. However, I was reminded once again of how much I dislike my math teacher but I refuse to let her ruin my week. More importantly, I had a great time in Genetics class because we counted fruit flies. The flies are really adorable and when they have tiny vestigial wings I feel so bad for them. Counting them and doing some statistical analyses was easy and that enhanced the calm 4 day week.

I felt that week 25 (1/24-1/30) was all different kinds of crazy. Way too many assessments, just important thing after another. So incredibly frustrating. My math teacher just makes me want to scream, she’s so…. Grrrrr. There are no words to describe just how much I really can’t stand this women.

All in all, more of a ‘meh’ few weeks. And 274 more days until the all important presidential elections.


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