Reading Ruts

This is going to be a short blog post. I can feel it.

Reading ruts are truthfully one of the most irritating things in the world. It’s not like there aren’t interesting books out there or something like that, I just can’t bring myself to read. I know it’s not been because I’ve been super busy or anything like that; I just can not seem to make myself read.

I’ve been reading this one book for the past three weeks. I’m reading a book that should have taken me four days to finish, a week at the max. It’s been three weeks and I’m still not done! It’s so frustrating because even though I really like the book that I’m reading- the characters, the plot, the genre (science fiction)- I just cannot bring myself to read it. I feel bad because I want to read it and I really want to enjoy it but I just can’t. Grrrr!!!

On that note (told you it was going to be short), does anyone out there have a solution to get oneself out of a reading rut? Anyone?


4 thoughts on “Reading Ruts

  1. I'm stuck on RedDevil 4. And I'm going to try reading some fanfic (not right now because technically I'm supposed to be doing homework…), hopefully it works.


  2. Yeah I can't force myself either. And I should figure out a go to book, shouldn't I? But I think writing about being in a rut really helped because I did end up reading most of the book. So maybe that's what I should do.


  3. That sucks! What book are you stuck on? Whenever I get stuck on a book, I usually end up turning to fanfiction. Or maybe you can start another book and come back to this one.


  4. When ever I get into a rut, I try to remember why I enjoy doing what ever it is in the first place. If it's writing, I grab something that I've wanted to do and write something quick. Photography, grab camera, go somewhere “new,” and shoot without any real goal in mind. Reading, that's slightly tricky, I can't completely force myself to read something other wise I'll start to resent myself, but I usually have a go to book, passage, excerpt, etc that 8 times out of 10 will rekindle my want to read.


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