Senior Year Update: Week 26-31

Week 26 (1/31-2/6) was a week of deadlines. Actually most of these few weeks have just been deadline after deadline. But International Night was on Friday and it was incredible! All of the acts were phenomenal and the food was even better. And all my friends were there- we walked around and saw the different stations that represented different countries. All in all, a pretty funtastic (yes, funtastic is intentional) night.

I will truthfully never understand why anyone in there right mind would have a quiz or test on a Monday. It just doesn’t make sense. But that’s exactly what happened in week 27 (2/7-2/13)- a test and a quiz on Monday afternoon. But overall the week was alright. Nothing really exciting happened (that I remember).

Week 28 (2/14-2/20) was a fantastic week mostly because no school on Monday!! This week was also awesome because we did some serious planning for Literary Magazine’s Movie Night.We bought a crap ton of Ramen and it was a really chill week just talking about what exactly we wanted for Movie Night. Actually most of my classes were pretty light. Nothing too exciting was going on.

Movie Night was in week 29 (2/21-2/27). Specifically on Tuesday. We wanted to do it on Friday but other clubs had already planned stuff on that day. But whatevs. The Movie Night was awesome- we showed Kung Fu Panda and sold Ramen and pizza. The Ramen sold out much faster than any of us had anticipated and I know we left some unsatisfied customers. Pizza was the same way but we had thought that we would definitely have enough Ramen. Had two days “off” for eClass days, which I greatly enjoyed. I got a shocking amount of work done for my internship which I was grateful for. And on Saturday I took a mock AP Lit exam and got a 4!! Yayyyy!!

Week 30 (2/28-3/5) was another week of insanity. I had a Spanish project due that involved making a video which I did quite literally the night before even though I had promised myself that I would stop doing things like that. Procrastination: something I need to make an honest effort to stop doing. I had a Genetics presentation on stuff that I didn’t really understand and that I was going to have a midterm over on Monday (grrr).

But Saturday was the Spring Sadie Hawkins Dance. I found the idea of having a Sadie kind of intriguing because a lot of the girls at my school ask the guys to the dance anyway. But whatever. I went shopping with my mom the night before and it was honestly really fun. We (me, my sibling, and my mom) walked around the store, played around in Rue 21, and just had a big relaxing Friday night. And the dance was really fun. I had a great time hanging out with my friends and just dancing around. Everything was awesome. And one of my friends didn’t end up with a new boyfriend that night which was kinda nice and slightly strange. But I’m proud of her for it. And on Sunday I went to church and hung out with a bunch of babies all morning, got my community service hours signed and all that fun jazz. Later that night, I even got to hang out with a few of my aunts who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. We had awesome discussions about the education system (which we all agreed is in need of serious changes) and the values of technology (they didn’t really agree much with me here). A pretty awesome weekend if you ask me.

Week 31 (3/6-3/12) was midterms. I seriously wonder if my teachers ever communicate with one another. Honestly. If they do, how did they manage to not realize that an Econ Exam was on the same Monday as the Genetics Midterm and I din’t even get to really study for the Genetics midterm properly so I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. It really pisses me off. Then, on Tuesday, I had an Econ Midterm and a Calc Midterm. I did well on both but I was so stressed out. And I thought I had legitimately failed that Calc Midterm because my math teacher is something else…. And on Thursday there was a lovely Lit Midterm, which I think I did well on, but I was so sick that I couldn’t properly enjoy it.

We had Friday off and I took full advantage of it- like I said, sick- by sleeping in. It was beautiful. I literally didn’t leave my house on Friday once but I did on Saturday. My sibling, my dad, and I went out for Bruster’s. I love me some Brusters, that mint chocolate chip ice cream made my soul so incredibly happy.


2 thoughts on “Senior Year Update: Week 26-31

  1. First off, I LOVE the new format! It looks beautiful! The dance sounds fun! Your midterms sound horrible. And I’ve honestly never gotten the point of mint chocolate chip. Mint is good, chocolate chips are okay but why would you want to mix them together?


    1. The dance was awesome! And midterms made me so upset, they were so awful.
      How in the world do you not understand the beauty that is mint chocolate chip? It’s a mix of probably the two greatest flavors in the entire world and they somehow, by all the miracles in the world, taste positively amazing together.


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