Senior Year Update: Weeks 32-37

Okay you guys, real talk about these Senior Year Updates. They’re not working the way that I had intended for them to. I thought I would be able to get myself to write one every two weeks and then it became every month. And even with that I can’t seem to get myself to write these. In all honesty, I think it’s because I just don’t think that every week is that interesting and I don’t want to put out stuff that I don’t think is interesting. So what am I going to do it about it? I’m going to finish out the last of the Senior Year Updates as is, but for the start of my college freshman year I’ll probably just write about the things that I really want to remember. This plan my change before then if I think of something I like more and as I see how my freshman year pans out.

Now for this Senior Year Update in particular, I’ve pretty much forgotten all of the stuff from early weeks so there won’t be much information there. Any who, my little spiel is over and now onto the actual update.

Week 32- Week 34 (3/13- 4/2) was just filled with tests and quizzes and a lot of busy work. I heard about the Bullet Journal system for the first time and started using it to plan on May 26. So far, this system of planning has been working for me and I do plan on doing a blog post about it in the near future. And Friday, April 1, there was no school so my Spring Break started way early.

Week 35 (4/3- 4/9) was SPRING BREAK!! This Spring Break was quite frankly amazing! On Monday I found my prom dress at Ross for less than $35. It is a really beautiful dress and the best part was that I didn’t spend hours upon hours trying to find something that made me happy. It is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever worn. But then the process of trying to find shoes began and that was significantly less fun. I went looking at a number of places but we finally found a pair on Friday after being at the mall for 6 hours! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s shopping but I had so much fun hanging out with my family that it was perfectly fine to spend that much time. And by the end of the day, my stomach hurt from laughing so much.

I think I laughed the most I have in a while during this Spring Break. A combination of Friday’s shopping experience and spending Monday and Saturday with my best of friends kept me in a good mood all around. I loved getting to spend time with my friends, we had really awesome pizza and I was reinvigorated to start playing Sims again. And most importantly, I had a great time.

Also during Spring Break, I ordered my first ever fountain pen. It arrived on Monday but it writes like a dream. It’s a Platinum Preppy with black ink that cost me $3, which for a fairly decent beginners fountain pen, is quite a steal. It’s not necessarily the prettiest thing but it is quite a lovely pen. And the other thing that I did during Spring Break was read. I read two books, Con Academy by Joe Schreiber (review coming soon) and Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (review here), and a number of Wattpad stories. Overall, Spring Break was fun and productive.

Week 36 (4/10 – 4/16) was pretty tame considering that everyone was just coming back from Spring Break. I was glad for the relaxed environment because sliding back into the swing of things was a little difficult this semester. I wasn’t as excited to go back to school as I normally am after Spring Break which was interesting. I think it’s because I’m mentally done with being a senior and being in high school in general. Wednesday was a pretty interesting day because I didn’t have official classes and instead went around and took 3 practice AP exams. Well, actually, more like parts of AP exams but regardless I was exhausted. For the most part, it was multiple choice and I left feeling relatively confident in my abilities so I think I’m a little more calm about AP exams than I was two weeks ago.

I was also really glad or the somewhat relaxed environment for this week because of prom. Prom was on the 16th and it was beautiful and fun and exciting. I went with my friends and my cousin and we had the greatest time ever. The music sucked but there was cubed cheese which made everything better. And best of all, I talked with people I hadn’t had a proper conversation with in a while. And I got to ride in a Mercedes Benz GL 4MATIC with me and my friends for the night. It was AWESOME!!! I had way more fun than I had anticipated.

It’s week 37 (4/17 – 4/23) and we’re back to the daily grind of things. Performance finals and SCE Presentations and the multitude of quizzes that being in school brings. I love school but it’s the end of my senior year and I’ve, quite frankly, lost the will to care anymore. This week was tough solely because of that fact. Other than that, not too shabby of a week.


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