Senior Year Update: Weeks 39-41

Week 38 (4/24- 4/30) was a bit of an interesting one. I gave my SCE presentation on Tuesday and it went a lot better than I thought it was going to. I practiced a ton on Monday night so giving the presentation was easy but I’m concerned about what I got on it because I don’t think I got enough questions asked after the presentation. I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t clearly explain everything or because I explained everything well, hopefully the latter is true, but it is making me a little nervous. Other than that the week was pretty decent. My math teacher was absent most of the week which meant that we were on our own for the majority of the unit. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with this because it was an easy topic (amongst other things). And we tested on the topic on Friday and I think I did well even though I completely blanked on one of the questions and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to do it.

Week 39 (5/1-5/7) marked the beginning of the AP exams. My first exam was AP Spanish which I took on Tuesday. It wasn’t bad, I think I did a great job on everything but the ensayo persuasivo and the conversación simulada. Overall, I feel fairly certain that I got a minimum of a 3 and likely even a 4. However, the AP Lit exam, which I took on Wednesday, is another story altogether. I don’t think this went nearly as smoothly as I was hoping it would. I’m not even sure I got a 3 even though one of my teachers firmly believes that I did. The multiple choice was perfect but then I got to the free response questions and I completely floundered. It was awful and I definitely didn’t write as well as I could have. Overall I’m just not pleased with that exam. And then on Wednesday I found out that my Calc teacher had actually been teaching things when I was out, so I missed two days of instruction which I’m also not pleased with. It’s not an inherently difficult topic but part of learning something for me, especially with math, is seeing my teacher work something out. But other than that, the week went pretty smoothly.

On Friday, my sibling and I went to my sibling’s prom. It was awesome seeing everyone have such a good time. And then we went to iHop and laughed and ate a very late snack. It was awesome! Then on Saturday, I hung out with my family and we went out for dinner for an early mother’s day. It was a busy day but it was nice just spending time with family who I hadn’t seen in a while.

Week 40 (5/8-5/14) was the last week of AP exams. Thank goodness! I had another two exams- AP Macro and AP Micro. AP Macro was on Wednesday and marked my first and only afternoon AP exam. I, shockingly, enjoyed having the exam in the afternoon because it gave me more time to study on the day of. The exam itself was relatively easy but that’s probably because I’ve been studying for it for over two weeks. Multiple choice was a breeze and free response was alright. But the AP Micro exam on Friday was not nearly as good. Multiple choice was  more challenging than Macro’s but the free response was easier. However, I completely blew one question of the free response and overall I don’t think I did as well with the material. I’m just hoping I got a 3. Anything above that would surprise me.

After the AP Micro exam I napped and watched Avatar not once, but twice! It was awesome! I love that movie sooo much. I sincerely thought about watching it a third time but I had a lot of work to get done so I didn’t, unfortunately. Overall, not to terrible of a week other than just being completely exhausted. But the year is almost done, so I can’t give up now.

Week 41 (5/15-5/21) was Senior Week. Basically a dead week that really served very little purpose. I had two tests and a genetics lab but otherwise it was a pretty “meh” week.

So that’s everything thus far. I realize that this is a day late but there are so many crazy things happening because graduation is tomorrow. Regularly scheduled reviews will commense next week, I promise. In the meantime, there will probably be another post this week so tune in for that.


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