Orlando Shooting- The World is Still a Mess

I’ve been trying to properly articulate how I feel about the Orlando Shooting all day now. The specifics are that the gunman was Omar Mateen who killed 49 people and injured at at least 53 at Pulse. There are no words to express the sympathy that I extend to the families and other loved ones of the victims.

In an interview of a man who I believe is the mayor of Orlando, he mentioned that this is an example of the lax gun laws of America. I was horrified because in that moment these murders became less about those who had died and more about the current political issues. To me, and hopefully everyone else, the people who have died and their families and friends are infinitely more important than attempting to make any form of a political statement. So to people who are trying to use this as some political statement, I implore that you take a moment to let people suffer. I ask that yourself in the shoes of those who are suffering and imagine how they feel to see those who have died or been injured reduced to politics. We, as people, owe it to other people to let them take the time to properly mourn and grieve. More importantly we, as people, owe it to those who have lost their lives to make sure they are first people, not parts of political statements.

We’re living in a time where politics is becoming the only thing people are thinking about. I understand that this is because of the tense political times within the United States but we cannot forget that first and foremost people are people. They have souls and feelings and other people who love and care for them. We cannot forget that although one person’s actions have taken so many innocent physical lives, the words of those who live will alter the value of those same lost lives. We cannot forget that people are so much more than politics and controversy.

To the 49 valuable lives who have been lost, you will all be dearly missed. To the families and friends, even though these words won’t ease the pain I wan’t to say that I am so sorry for your loss. To the 53 injured, I am sorry for the pain you are in. And to anyone else who was in that club at the time, the scars you have may not be physical but it is still very real. I hope that each and every person who has been touched by this tragedy my find peace.


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